Artist Statement

Energy, in its many forms,
as power, matter, flows, balances,
fascinates me, and inspires me to paint.

While I am painting I am having a dialogue with myself, and I hope my work invites you to do the same.

I am inspired by science, maps, weather, charts, diagrams, seeds, fields and water.

I believe all entities, animate, inanimate (it doesn't matter), are imbued with a life force, vital energy, consciousness, soul, spirit, "mana" (Polynesian)
"wakanda" (Lakota)
"chi" (Chinese Taoist).

All things are part of the web of life, interdependent and interconnected and there is cause and effect relationship between dimensions, forces, and entities,

There are levels and dimensions to the cosmos, some we see, some we don't. 

I seek to make invisible things visible.